Salon Towel Warmer & Sterilizer at Wholesale Price

Various salon and spa services require towels to be warmed - and your customers will love it. At Zenith Salon Furniture Outlet, we also stock sterilizers so you can be sure to sterilize all of the equipment you use. Various sizes are available, too, so you can be sure to have all of the towels you need warm. Never keep a guest waiting again!

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Double Towel Warmer

This Double Door Towel Warmer is our most popular model of towel warmer. The cabinet comes in perfect size for any treatment room and according to industry standard. It is made of high grade materials which are resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Structural technology balanced together with advanced appearance design make this product ideal for your business. There is an available with upper and lower layers of isolation screens, which are easy to store various types of towel. It heats towels for refreshing,

Hot Cabinet Uv

Evenly warms all facial and disposable towels. -Built-in UV lamp Sterilizer to eliminate and keep towels free of germs. -Micro Computer Control Temperature (80 Celsius).

Single Towel Warmer

This is a small UV Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet, which features rust-proof aluminum interior, maintains an internal temperature of 170�F, accommodates 12 (12x12 in) wash cloths, towel rack and silicon door seal for heat retention and quiet operation. Structural technology balanced together with advanced appearance design make this product ideal for your business.It heats towels for refreshing, hygienic treatments in each cabinet. The pull out doors allows for easy removal of your towels. The drip tray catches all excess water to keep your counters dry. The sturdy frame allows for many years of trouble free and safe operations.

Ultraviolet Sanitizer

Stores and sanitizes cleaned and disinfected implements evenly from top to bottom * This large capacity unit operates with one hospital grade germicidal bulb * A perfect tool for any hair stylist or manicurist * Our sanitizer unit has two large shelves for storing implements * The easy-to-open doors activate and deactivate machine automatically * Its handsome and innovative design stands out with a modern flair to please both professional and clients alike * 1-year warranty * Size: 14" L x 8 3/8" W x 9 3/8" H