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Massage table is imperative part of salon furniture and one should not take a chance on it, if quality matters for you than stop looking……. We have one of the high quality and reasonable priced massage table along with massage chairs and accessories to get fit in your needs. There are so many factors to be consider besides only broad table such as easy access, comfort for client and practitioner, mobility, table width, table height and foam thickness, etc. we are happy to assist you and give you right suggestion on which massage table suits you best. you can choose your massage table online or contact us at 647-998-9180 / 1-888-842-4911. We can deliver anywhere in Canada.

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Aesthetic Bed 1

This is our standard basic manually operated reclining facial bed. Nothing high tech or innovative about it at all, just

Aesthetic bed 2

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Aesthetic Bed Hydraulic

Features: HEAVY-duty hydraulic lift pump Sleek Design Manually adjustable back rest and leg rest Removable arm rests and pillow Facial hole for face down positioning Rotates 360 Degrees Specifications: Upholstered in PVC vinyl Hydraulic pump has a 1.58" shaft diameter with a 7.7" stroke Height adjustment from 23.5� to 30� Back rest adjustment from 0 flat to 65 Degrees upward incline Leg rest adjustment from 0 flat to 45 Degrees downward decline Rotates in horizontal direction and locks in location with foot lever Capacity 400 lbs. Product Dimensions: Default position: 72� x 24� x 23� (L x W x H) Arm rest width: 4� Cushion thickness: 4� Hydraulic base: 36� x 23� (L x W) Default position: Bed completely flat, lowest height, w/o arms All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion

Electric Aesthetic Bed 4 motor

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $1,899.00.