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Where to get quality salon furniture & equipment in Regina?

At Zenith Salon Furniture & Equipment Regina Canada, we pride ourselves in the quality effort that goes into every piece of furniture we produce. We ensure every piece of furniture starts with the highest quality material possible, from the wood to the hardware of the moving parts. A purchase of Zenith Salon Furniture will give you furniture that will last long.

salon furniture regina

Affordable salon furniture & equipment price in Regina, SK.

Our determination to deliver excellence has made us leading manufacturer of outstanding salon furniture. We offer a large selection of high quality salon furniture and equipment for hair salons. Whether it’s for hairdressing shop or a barber shop we have the look you are after. Our staffs are experienced in design and construction of cost effective salon furniture. We currently have over 10,000 pieces of salon furniture including: shampoo sink units, reception desks, styling chairs, and barber chairs in various colors and style.

We offer great customer service and guarantee on all our products. Are you renovating your beauty salon or Spa? Zenith Salon Furniture is the ideal place where you can find the best prices, highest-quality and unbeatable customer service.

We also supply wide collection of other products meant to finish out your salon. From manicure tables and accessories to hair care equipment, we have the furniture you need to make your salon look very appealing. We’re happy to support you in the best way we can. When you rely on Zenith Salon Furniture for your salon furniture needs, you are guaranteed to have the salon you’ve long dreamed at an affordable price.

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